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Online Counselling Dr. Heather Fox DNM PhD RPC

Now you can receive the best Integrative Approach to your sense of Health and Well Being - emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially.

Dr. Heather Fox Online Counselling

Dr. Heather Fox is now available for distance Online Counselling Sessions as well as Consultations in Natural Medicine. Using secure, state of the art distant communication services easily make communication available in the privacy of your own home with the use of your personal computer.

Dr. Fox brings thirty years of experience in natural medicine and counselling to online sessions and helps to remove the barriers that travel and distance pose for many people.



Hope Based  Counselling

HOPE Based Counselling making use of the Expressive and Therapeutic Arts.

Guiding Principles of Counselling Services offered through our clinic are centered around recognition that Hope involves all aspects of the human condition, whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or social. The Expressive Arts such as music, visual art, writing and movement etc.

Mother Nature’s Cookbook

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A Body of Evidence

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The Healing Way of Beauty

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